Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Loving You.......

Years ago I heard a statement that in order to let others love you the way they are supposed to you must first learn to love yourself. At the time I took this phrase a simply a passing thought. But most recently I have analyzed myself more and more in a search to discover who exactly I am, and what my purpose is here on earth. I think at one point in everyone's life they go through the "what is my purpose" phase. Some people keeping searching all their lives, and some people finally figure things out. Personally it has been a long road toward that self discovery for myself, but praise GOD I am now entering that realm! I am beginning to see myself through GOD's eyes, and the view is simply astonishing! I am learning more and more about myself everyday!! We each need to begin today looking at ourselves and others through GOD's eyes, we each need to begin to think GOD's thoughts, and feel GOD's feelings......if we all could do this, what a wonderful world it would be! Begin today to change the world.....Simply by Loving You!!!!!

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